Tap your way into a Lighter YOU


Weight loss is much more than a diet.  It involves how we feel about ourselves.  What is the relationship like with your Self?  Do you honor yourself as precious?  As sacred?  How is the relationship with your Body?  Is it criticized, shamed, ignored or even hated?  Or is there honor, gratitude and love for the physical container that has carried you through this life regardless of its shape and size.

How we think and feel about ourselves, and our bodies, directly affects the energetic frequency that we hold (live in).   When we uplift our thoughts and feelings into a higher vibration, we release dense energies and move into greater Light.  The Law of Attraction then works in our favor by attracting to us the results we want.  Naturally, the more false beliefs, negative thoughts and painful emotions that we release, the lighter both the emotional and physical body becomes…..rather effortlessly.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a technique that works directly with your energy, and therefore produces results where traditional weight loss methods have not.  Much of our behavior is driven by unconscious pain and false beliefs.  EFT is astonishing in its ability to neutralize pain and re-wire positive beliefs that serve your life….and your body.

Come along on a journey of love as we explore and heal the relationships with Self and Body.  Love is the healing elixir for all and when we love ourselves we improve everything in our life- the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  EFT is the quickest tool I have ever come across to eliminate negative beliefs in order to access the love that is organic in us all.

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