FAQs – EFT for Stress, Pain and Anxiety

Is EFT a long term treatment?
EFT typically does not require the long term commitment of traditional psychotherapy. Clients who have spent years in traditional talk therapy often find amazing results in as little as one session.
What can EFT treat?
EFT creates changes at an energetic level, therefore, it can treat almost any physical, mental, or emotional issue.
Common issues include:

* Depression
* Anxiety
* Phobias
* Trauma and Traumatic Memories
* Chronic and Acute Pain
* Stress

How does EFT compare to other types of therapy?
Unlike most other types of therapy, results from EFT are often immediate and permanent. It is also gentle and painless. EFT is cost effective because in most cases it does not require the amount of time involved with traditional psychotherapy, rehab, or support groups. Perhaps most important of all, EFT is something clients can learn to do on their own.
What can I expect in a private session?
Clients are taught a basic tapping sequence involving 7-10 meridian points. While tapping, the client will be directed to focus on certain aspects of their problem. The psychological tuning in of the problem, combined with the stimulation of meridian points allows for a release of the blocked energy. This results in immediate change in both physical and emotional health.