EFT Raves by Clients

I visited Michelle for help with OCD and a few other things, she walked me through the EFT method and honed in on the root cause of the issues I came for. I was quite impressed by her, in addition to being wise and perceptive, she is also very relatable with a good sense of humor. I left her office (which is comfy and pleasant) feeling encouraged and glad that I had come. Thanks Michelle! F.W. on 1.15.15

I continue to work with Michelle and am still blown away a year later by what this woman can do and has helped me to do. If you don’t want B.S. and you are ready AND open to making changes in your life, she is the therapist to see. Thank you, Michelle, for everything. :-) M-L. D. 5.24.14

I am so happy to be able to do this review! Michelle is awesome, and in one session you feel your issues melt! I did a session on Skype last night with her and in the middle of my whole life going through a huricane, I came out of the session with serenity, peace and a bright look at the future! thank you Michelle.
Michelle has tapping circles in her office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the circles are amazing, multiple people shifting their lives in minutes. Super effective. Thank you Michelle for doing what you do and many blessings for you! D.R. on 9.12.12

This past year had been a rough one – tough pregnancy combines with an auto accident when I was almost seven months pregnant, combined with moving a few times, being out of work due to injury, and raising a child on my own. I now suffer from bulging discs in my neck and back and I’m not even forty yet with the bonus of raising a very active and energetic toddler. And then there was Michelle – met her through a good friend of whom told me that she specialized in cases like mine – particularly the injury. She has given me back part of myself – before the accident. I am not experiencing the pain I once was – which occurred quite frequently. My energy levels are much stronger and with her technique and training, I know that I will just continue to get better. I am happier and feeling better than I have in years. She is blessed with an amazing gift and I am grateful that she shares this with the world. You won’t believe it even as you’re feeling the improvements and positive changes in your life. It’s been awesome. Anonymous on 6.25.13

Dear Michelle,
Every time I am out from your class, my energy shifts within my self. I was tired and low in spirits when I came there but total change over by the time I left.
Thank you so much, if possible if you could do a class on increasing the vibrations / frequency. And developing a spiritual habit.
Past two months, you have hold my hands many times. I mean hearty thank you to you. I am still in the process of finding myself and redefining to love myself too.  Thank you.  Silva 12.8.11

Michelle, I have learned that in moments of depression I remind myself this is a lower vibration and find ways to lift my energetic vibration higher. Tony 12.1.11

I feel incredibly grateful for everything I have been opened to in the last seven months. The reality for me is that tapping every day since our last conversation on the topic of support (I did not have any, wanted it, and I loved myself) brought results that were very unexpected and pleasing. Even with my husband his support has turned loving. I am in awe that tapping has the profound effect to transform ourselves, those around each of us, as well as opens pathways in us for what can be brought once the energy is cleared.I look forward to what more lies ahead in clearing my energy.  Thank you for listening,  Tarra 9.24.11

Hi Michelle,
You blew me away today at your EFT Tapping Session…AGAIN!! I thought that I was good at loving and supporting people close to me to lighten up, let go, laugh, heal, and start having fun….. but you take first prize for sure! The way you read people’s energy, body, body language, breathing, emotions, feelings, and pain bodies and use that insight and intuition to lead them through their releases and healings is nothing short of magical. Even more magical is the way that you lead them and support them in getting their agreement and consent to allow those horribly painful feeling to come up and come to the surface where they have a chance to be felt, expressed, and released! The love, trust and safety that your clients feel from you helps and supports them to make the commitment to finally address and heal issues that have caused them pain and crippled them, in some cases, for most of their entire lives The gentle and loving way you support them and acknowledge them throughout that entire process is heart warming and beautiful to me. Your timing at having them take pauses and very deep breaths at the exact right moments for them in this process is amazing and always effective. The most astonishing thing for me is the way that you support people to successfully let go of and release their stories that they have held onto for their entire lives in some cases……. in JUST ONE TAPPING SESSION!! And best of all, because of your method of having them assess their pain and discomfort on a 1 to 10 scale when they begin, midway, and at the end of each session they get it and realize the enormous progress and healing they have experienced in just one hour’s time, instead of it taking 10 or 20 years of therapy. That is SO powerful Michelle. Of course it would appeal greatly to a Type A personality like me who LOVES shortcuts!! :- ) I’m going to recommend you to some of my dearest friends that are currently struggling with some painful issues, serious health issues, divorces, recent breakups, deaths, legal problems, and childhood issues; and also to some other individuals that are in the healing, energy work, massage, writing, lecturing, teaching, and nursing, professions that may want to learn more about what you do to consider referring you clients.
Ken Kadansky  6.06.2011

Michelle Leuschen has helped me so much that I wanted to write a testimonial.  After both of my parents died recently close together my anxiety grew to a point of debilitating level.  A friend of mine referred me to an amazing nutritionist, Vivian Kushner, who helped me make major changes in my food and supplements.  She was the one who referred me to Michelle to handle the anxiety and panic that I was experiencing within.It has been the past six months through weekly phone meetings, doing EFT with Michelle and then daily on my own that has been transformative in a way that talking never was.  Piece by piece, traumatic areas of my life are lifting and I am becoming more whole.  Michelle is warm, professional, intuitive, compassionate, and brilliant.  I not only recommend working with Michelle, I recommend EFT as a way to transform out of debilitating anxiety into the direction of a fuller life, starting within with calmer thoughts. I do much of my tapping in my imagination because of physical challenges and it still works.I know that this is a lifelong process and things do not change overnight.  What is significant is that I am moving in a direction that I never dreamed possible because of EFT and Michelle.  With a grateful heart, Elaine   2.20.2011

 A note from Michelle:

When I first began working with Elaine, she could barely leave the house without experiencing extreme anxiety and panic, nor could she be in her home alone.  Her life became narrow and debilitated by anxiety and negative thinking.  I can happily report that within a short amount of time not only was Elaine able to go out and socialize once again in comfort, she expanded and transformed her life in other tremendous ways.  For instance, Elaine just courageously moved across the country to live in an exciting new city…a dream come true and definitely something that she was unable to even imagine prior to EFT.  Big stuff, Elaine!  Way to go!


“In my first session Michelle said a year from now I wouldn’t even recognize my life. I was shocked when after only 3 weeks I could not believe the changes I had made! My life did indeed look different, and things are still getting better.” Eilleen San Francisco, CA

“My doctor referred me to Michelle because of severe depression and anxiety. I was only making minimal progress with the antidepressants I was taking. After only one session there was a noticeable difference in my mood. Michelle taught me how to tap myself and now I tap every day. Both my depression and my anxiety are 95% gone. I’m a believer!” Chris Santa Rosa, CA

“No one thought I could give up my diet coke addiction, especially me. But I did!” Mary Ann Tampa, FL

“Michelle had us all in a group tapping away and I didn’t really expect anything to happen. I was surprised to experience how a once very disturbing childhood memory dissolved into nothing in about 4 minutes. I later saw Michelle privately and tapped on many more childhood events that have been with me my whole life. I can honestly say that now I can recall these memories with out pain.” Debra Philadelphia, PA

“I had been tapping on my own for years. After taking Michelle’s level 2 workshop I decided to see her for a private session to work on some issues that I haven’t been able to budge. I found Michelle’s work to be very intuitive which was very helpful. She helped me to see where I was “reversed” and also helped me to find the core issues behind my pain. I was able to make quick progress on the same issues I was having a tough time shifting on my own. I would definitely recommend her work to others.” Marc San Rafael, CA

“I learned a ton of useful information in my Level 1 EFT class. I appreciated Michelle’s relaxed and caring style. Most importantly to me, we had a lot of time to practice on each other. I am feeling confident about how to use EFT and can’t wait to go out and share it with others. I think taking an EFT workshop is the best way to learn because you can get all your questions answered, and have the opportunity to practice the skills with an expert right there in the room to help. Thank you. I’m looking forward to the Level 2 class.” Robin Mill Valley, CA

“I attended the Level 1 training with Michelle. When I introduced myself, I told the group I had had right hip surgery for a torn cartilage almost 9 mo ago and was still in a lot of pain. During the training, Michelle did a demo using EFT for pain. My pain level was at a 9, and I decided to work as the aspect of  embarrassment from the limping it was causing. In the first round, I repeated a statement relating to the embarrassment, but on the second round Michelle changed the wording to grief. Immediately an enormous amount of emotion came up. My emotional state was so heightened that for seconds I felt I couldn’t swallow. I continued to tap repeating the new statements regarding grief. When it was all over, my pain concern/level had dropped to a 3! I started to notice improvement the first time I got up from my chair. By nighttime I hardly limped when I took those first steps and the following day I was even better. My pain discomfort was down to a 2 (hardly any muscle pain) and the limping had disappeared. Being pain free allowed my body to naturally heal at a faster rate.” -M.M. California

“I started seeing Michelle in September 2005 with the hopes of gaining relief from severe depression. I had previously downloaded the free EFT manual from Gary Craig’s emofree.com website so I had some familiarity with EFT’s potential for healing. The sessions with Michelle were extremely effective. She was able, through her finely tuned sense of intuition, to get right to the core issues at the root of my depression. Her reminder phrases during the sessions were exactly the correct triggers I needed to bring to conscious awareness in order to tap them away. The result is that after 8 months of persistent tapping I am completely recovered from a lifetime of fighting depression.  Michelle told me in our first session that she was certain I would blossom into a new, happy and fulfilled person that would not even recognize the old depressed man that had been my experience for so long. That outcome seemed very remote at first but with continued practice and persistence using EFT and with Michelle’s expert guidence, that day has come.  Michelle’s elegant example of how EFT can work so rapidly and effectively, even when other therapies don’t, has been instrumental in my recent decision to become a EFT practitioner myself. I can think of no greater recommendation than that!” Philip M., California