Benefit from the Power of a Small Group

Tapping…a new approach clinically proven to improve:

  • Anxiety and Depression (you CAN eliminate your anxiety and depression!)
  • Relationships
  • Peace of mind
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The clinical research is rapidly growing on the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping)!  Academic and laboratory settings all over the world are publishing more and more research on how tapping has improved the lives of those with anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, and stress.

Negative (and positive) thinking begins at a very early age as we  shape our initial beliefs about the world.  Is the world safe or hostile?  Am I worthy or not good enough? Is money abundant or lacking?  Are relationships safe or hurtful?  Our early experiences generate a set of beliefs that actually get embedded in the cells as ENERGETIC packets of information.  We then tend to operate out of these beliefs until they are somehow changed.  In fact, because these beliefs are energetic in nature, they vibrate at a particular frequency and will attract to us more of the same experience throughout our life.  For example, if I grow up believing that money is scarce and that I am not worthy then I am likely to energetically attract (Law of Attraction) situations of lack, hardship and struggle.

We now know that negative thoughts are energetic at the core.  When we treat them with energetic techniques, like tapping, they change rapidly.

Although private, one on one, sessions are highly effective, I have seen over the years that small groups offer something that private sessions do not.  Small groups provide peer support, increased energetic potency, and can in fact lead to quicker change.  It is a beautiful way to engage in the giving and receiving of love and support.

In addition to the larger groups that I have been running for several years now, I am now offering cost effective small groups.   You will be matched with a supportive group of no more than 4 individuals for a 90 minute session.  These groups either run weekly, or bi-weekly depending on your needs.

Click here to JOIN A SMALL GROUP NOW or to find out more information about how a small group may best serve your needs. If you use webmail you can use the Contact Me form as well. Download the flyer here.